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This podcast was produced by fans of Brené Brown and is not sanctioned or endorsed by Brené Brown. Due to understandable licensing and contractual restrictions with the owners of some of Brené's most popular talks (TED, Oprah, Chase Jarvis etc), we can no longer continue publishing Brené's content. Thank you for your understanding and we hope that Brené's incredible work will be as beneficial to you as it has been for us. Please visit Brené's official website for more information about her amazing work:


The Final Episode

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Hey fellow Brené Brown fans.  I have some sad news for now.  This podcast is going to be indefinitely taken down.  I originally started this because I love Brené's work and I wanted people with whom I was sharing it with to be able to consume the content in audio form.

I was amazed to see the listenership explode very fast and so late last week, I thought it would be the right thing to do to reach out to Brené's team to let them know that I had created this and wished to take any direction they requested.  They replied to me today and were very cordial, appreciative and polite and they respectfully asked that I remove the podcast because the rights to the content were owned by the original publishers (TED, Oprah, Chase Jarvis etc).  This makes sense and is 100% fair and understandable.

Out of respect to Brené and her work as well as those who are the rightful owners of this content, I am removing this podcast.

I, like you, really hope that Brené starts a podcast as her content has been some of the most helpful and practically beneficial I have ever been exposed to.

I would love to hear from you if you're a fellow fan of Brené's and I can be reached at the following places:

I'm glad you've found this podcast beneficial and in the meantime, I wish you nothing but the best!