Easy Astrology Lessons 1: Hi and welcome--dividing energy in half and then in threes

Easy Astrology Lessons by Dusty White

podcast: Easy Astrology Lessons by Dusty White

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This is the first installment of the Easy Astrology Lessons podcast. I sat down with Becka, one of my new students, and I just yapped about astrology and how we will learn it without having to memorize charts and graphs and squiggles and those horrible terms that no one should ever be subjected to. This podcast is a casual flowing instructional series that is deceptively informative. Over time you will find out that you "really get astrology" once and for all, and that you did it without any stress at all. In this episode we start with energy as a generic blob that New Agers like to bandy about and we start dissecting it into smaller blobs so that we can examine each part. We look at the duality of existence (positive v. negative--as in electrical or magnetic energy) and explore how things can be broken down into two parts (like men and women are both "human"). This goes on at a relaxed pace with just a few rants by me and we end the show with a preliminary discussion of how to split energy--or seasons into thirds. Next we will continue that discussion and go into other aspects of energy. No rush, no pressure. Just "how to make energy work for you." (Let Nature do the heavy lifting)

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