Glow In The Dark

de CJ Romberger

Poetry and Essays from my heart, which is sometimes broken.


Dance For Your LIFE

por CJ Romberger

Here’s how I’d teach you, if I were with you, to dance for your life again.


por CJ Romberger

I am a moment of sweet pity in a parking lot on a Saturday night; a half day of homework with a friend who’s learning what I used to love;

No Dark Storms

por CJ Romberger

If you will but visit when you are wind-battered, you will find me here, ready to hold you, when you are too weary to hold your own.

A Love I Can Hold Onto

por CJ Romberger

You do not love me back in any kind of way I can hold onto.

Where In My World

por CJ Romberger

Where in my world did you go? I've lost you.

Forever Promise

por CJ Romberger

The only promise that ever mattered was your promise of forever love.


por CJ Romberger

How varied your memories are from mine as time passes.